Reviewing Nordisk Telemark 2

The Nordisk Telemark is an ultralight tent specifically designed for tall people. It is also a winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award, so expectations for this tent were very high. It's extremely light, intelligently designed, weatherproof and very packable. All in all: could the Nordisk Telemark 2 be the ideal tent for tall people?

General information

The Telemark is available in 4 different versions, with choices for one or two persons and aluminium or carbon poles. The tent that was tested was a 2 person tent with aluminium poles. It has the following specifications, which can also be found on Nordisk's website:
  • Persons: 2
  • Weight: 950 grams
  • Packed size: 12x41 cm
  • Colours: Forest Green and Burnt Red
  • Water column:
    • Flysheet: 2000 mm
    • Ground sheet: 8000 mm
  • Wind test: 17.5m/sec(gale, fresh gale)
  • Awards:The German Design Award, The GreatOutdoors Award, Oppad OutdoorAward, iF Product Design Award
I had heard that the Telemark was developed by a tall designer with tall people in mind. When i asked Nordisk about his, Daniel - one of their product testers - was kind enough to reply: 'John, one of our product developers, is 196 cm tall, and wanted a light weight tent for his trips. So with this in mind he made the Telemark a little longer than originally intended, and raised both the foot and the headend, because of his size 47 ½ feet.' Sounds like a tent for tall people to me!


I have bought this tent in January 2015 and have since then slept over 50 nights in the tent in various conditions and terrains from winter snow conditions in Austrian Alps, extreme wind and rainstorms in the Scotland hills and on the coasts of the Dutch isles, to very hot summer trips in Luxembourg and the woods of Belgium and the Netherlands. What I have learned was the following:

  • It is spacious, even for someone as tall as me (195 cm or 6'5). I can sit up straight at all times - even while I'm on a thick sleeping mat - and sleep without touching the sides.
  • The cabin adjuster is great. I create a smaller cabin at night and put my bag outside the cabin, I create a bigger cabin during the day (in bad weather for instance) and have my pack nearby in the cabin. 
  • To create an awning out of the front door, I usually find a branch to set it up. Even though you can use three of the corner poles to create a tent pole for the awning. 
  • It's pretty sturdy. It feels very fragile but the material is pretty tough. Despite me being clumsy everything is still intact, except for one rubber ring to attach the cabin to the outside tent. It broke during my last trip and still did not cause any problems because I tied the ring back together. Since I have returned I have replaced it with a metal ring.
  • It's not the best tent for stargazing. Although you can roll up the front door (it doesn't roll up ideally) and sit in the porch, I occasionally find myself looking at other tents purely for their 'sky roof' designs. 
  • The zipper that you use to close the front door gets stuck quite often if you don't close it carefully. This can be annoying in dark cold nights and should really be solved in the next edition of this tent.   
Other than that, my experience was pretty much the same as that of other reviewers. The intelligent design means that there are loops on the ceiling to hang your lamp, mesh pockets on the inside of the cabin to place your valuables and many adjustment options to customize the tent to your own liking. The tent holds up very well in heavy winds. Easy tuning of the guy lines, together with an excellent design make sure the tent stays steady. Although it can condensate on very damp nights, again: pitching the tent correctly makes a big difference. If pitched right, the sides of the outside tent create an upwards arch to let air in from the outside. This helps to ventilate the tent which minimizes condensation.


Is the Nordisk Telemark 2 the ideal tent for tall folks? In my opinion: pretty much, as long as you use it as a one person tent. Sure, the zipper gets stuck sometimes and you can't fall asleep looking at the night sky, but really: these are just minor problems compared to all the positive sides. It's smart design gives you lots of extra features that you will actually use all the time. It's a breeze to set up, it's incredibly lightweight and it packs really small. As such, I tend to bring it along even when I am not sure if I will be camping at the end of the day. It's just that easy to bring along on the trail.

I have yet to find a better ultralight tent for tall folks and recommend it wholeheartedly for anyone, be they tall or small (or anywhere in between).

Disclosure: the author bought this tent with his own money


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